Great Beginning at Manitou Days Regatta

Neither the low water level (down 6') nor the absence of permits nor the sketchy weather prevented a nice start to the TCYS season. We managed to get 3 races in a the event before the lightening rolled in.

The reef, which in normal years is a danger to sail over, has brush growing on it this year and needs to be mowed. there is so much beach now that it's like sailing the desert.

Getting a permit to use the area involves knowledge of some arcane governmental arts, some same the dark arts, but WBSS didn't let that get in the way of the event. Emily Cox gracefully let the government employees yell at her and promised to do better next time. So much so that they left us in peace and we didn't have to send Ed over to calm things down ...

No full rig Lasers this year so we probably won't give awards for that at the other events.

the wind was a little late arriving and was relatively light before the storms arrived but for a season kick off event it was all fine.

Thanks to the White Bear volunteers for organizing a nice event and once again having a raffle for all the sailors.