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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does scoring take so long?

We have continuing problems with duplicate sail numbers and issues with what-fleet-are-you-in-this-week. We are looking at some registration changes to speed up scoring. You can help by make sure you or your sailor(s) use the sail number or boat number (club 420) consistently throughout the season. Please note that sail numbers are removeable so you can update the sail numbers if you buy a new/used sail!

Ask a more experienced sailor or two if you need help with this.

You can help by using the same sail number from week to week and if you sell your boat or sail(s) work out something so we don't have duplicate sail numbers at events.

What is the deal with the Optimist age rules?

We are following the USODA rule (can't turn 16 in 2006) and determining age as of the season's first regatta and using it for the entire season since it's series scoring.

For USODA national events or regional events that adher to the USODA rules, like the Red, White and Blue Chip regatta, your fleet is determined by your age as of the first day of the regatta.

What is allowed as far as coaching goes?

Coaching by school coaches is allowed in green fleet anytime during the race with emphasis on coaching to reduce frustration and coaching the last half of the fleet.

This includes sailing tips, directions or general encouragement.

Can I coach my own childs?

No. Parents may not coach their kids - leave it to the coach. If you find this unreasonable, please reflect on what it would mean if all parents coached their children on the water.

Green Fleet

The goal of green fleet is get the kids comfortable in the boat, racing around the course in the correct direction and generally having fun while improving their skills. Winning is not the issue so coaches should be at the back of the fleet not the front.

Coaching in Other Fleets

Coaching is NOT allowed at anytime during the regular red-white-blue Optimist, Laser or club 420 races during the racing or start sequence.

Coaches may occasionally be seen talking to Opti racers at the back of the fleet in the Red, White and Blue fleet to make sure they are okay.

Observing the Racing

Please stay well back of the racing area so you don't interfere with the sailor's wind and don't inadvertently herd sailors who are coming out to bang a corner. You may be in their way.

Please avoid distracting your child while they are racing by yelling at them. This fairly frequently also results in complaints that a particular parent is coaching their child.